Sunday, May 5, 2013


As I've gotten older I have gotten braver with my hair.  When I was younger I was always afraid of what other people would think if I did something crazy with my hair so I kept it long and straight.  So many people say to me "I love your hair!  I wish I could do that!"  I always wonder "Why can't you?"  I think women associate hair with beauty but one of the times I felt most beautiful was when I shaved my head and had no hair.  I think that if you think about and wish you could do something different with your hair, you should do it.  Why not?  It's hair, it grows back.  It's one of those things where rather than always wondering, you could actually do it and be able to say you tried something new.  Who cares what everyone thinks?!  Here are some photos of my hair over the year:

Before I had that much hair
Before I had control over my own hair 
and my mother made me a prairie girl.
Ah, the awkward high school years

Early 20s, long and blonde

Mid 20s short and black

Motherhood....long and brown for many years

Started a new life in NC, got it chopped

Then tried red

Pink for the first time


My current hairstyle although the
pink is very, very faded :)

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