Friday, March 8, 2013

Valentines Meat Juice

I found this little bottle on the bank of a stream when I was about 13 living in Tivoli, NY. My brother and I used to go collect bottles there...and there were many, many antique ones. We used to bring them to a local antique store and let the man there tell us about our treasures. This was the only one I have kept over the years. This little one was made before 1900 because the seam on the bottle stops at the neck...or so he said. I just decided to look up what Valentines Meat Juice is.....and the story is kind of romantic....Valentine created the elixir to save his wife who was wasting away. And he did...he saved her. But the history behind it is very interesting and apparently it was always on hand at brothels to cure "social" diseases and it was also involved in a very high profile murder case back in the day! I love my little bottle :)

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