Saturday, March 23, 2013

In NY With My Goddess Sisters

I can't even put in to words how wonderful it was to get to spend time with 2 of my most favorite people, Erica and Bully!  They are 2 beautiful souls and the second I left NY I missed them!  I can't wait to go up again!

They both picked me up and my grandparents and we headed straight to the tattoo shop, Planet New York, to get our anchor tattoos!  I was both excited and would be my first and I wouldn't want to get my first tattoo with anyone other than my girls from the SSG!  We were going to get anchors....the symbol of our friendship. Unfortunately Erica's design was more intricate and there wasn't enough time but it will be worth the wait.  It's a beautiful anchor design that incorporates the things she loves and is passionate about.  Bully and I got matching anchors.

Then we headed out in to the snow...yes SNOW!  I got to see my first real snow storm in years!  It was fun and I loved it but only because I knew I was leaving the next day :)

Then we headed out to get a bite to eat and have a drink before calling it a night but on the way back we stopped at Erica's house so I could meet her sweet little bun and wonderful husband Attila!  Unfortunately I never did snap a pick of the latter.

And then back to Bully's house where are got to meet the most awesome dogs ever!  Astro, Bixby, and Mac!

And a big good morning from Mac the next day!

I spent the morning chatting over coffee with Bully and then I was off. I can't wait until my next trip to NY!!

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