Monday, July 18, 2011

Missing Images On My Blog

It's been a mystery to me WHY all of the images from July 8th and older are missing. I have finally figured it out. I joined Google+ and when I did I went in to the Photos section and saw that there were a few albums of random photos. These albums had no real order to them so I deleted them to create albums to categorize my photos. In doing so I deleted all of the images from my blog posts. How you ask? When you upload an image to Blogger it is automatically stored in Picassa Web Albums. Which is also what Google+ uses to store photos. So when I went in to my Google+ albums and deleted I was in the Picassa Web Albums. They gave no warning. They gave no indication whatsoever that this would happen. I can't tell you how upset I am right now. If I want to get any of my images back on my blog I have to go in and redo it all manually by uploading from my hard drive.

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Laura Brusseau said...

Wow that is awful! I hope they fixed that glitch...major.

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