Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beach Vacation!

Lily went to NY to visit her dad for a week and then when she returned to NC she stayed with my mom for a week so that I could have a relaxing beach vacation. Eric, Rael, and I went to Topsail Island and spent a week with Eric's friends Allen, Sheri and their children Ayden, Carter, and Kylie and friend, Allens college age daughter Brie and her friend Jenna, Jackie and her daughter Mercedes and friend. It was a wonderful time with some very awesome people. I took a ton of photos...deciding which to put in this post is going to be very difficult! I had a blast playing with little Ayden who is 3 1/2! He's a little dynamo! Smart as a whip and he sure does keep his mommy and daddy busy! He called me Syrup instead of Sarah for the first two days. Adorable!

This is Ayden:

See, I told you! Completely adorable!

I overcame my 20 year old fear of waves in the very same place that the fear started...on Topsail Island. With a little help from Eric who held my hand and let me ride on his back until I was comfortable enough to go it on my own! He's awesome <3

And this is my wonderful and amazing Eric who was there for me even during the attack of the jellyfish :)

On the second night there Eric and I took a sunset walk and took some awesome photos (the one above is from the set). One of the photos I decided to do a running jump for and the pic came out awesome BUT I landed wrong and sprained my foot. I didn't let it keep me down though....I still swam, walked, and played through the whole trip!

And here are a few random favorite shots:

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