Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The House On Harbor Dr

Seths childhood home, the house where his parents have lived for almost 40 years has been sold. Seth and I have been busy every weekend packing up the house and getting his mother ready for her move. It's sad. Stan is gone and the energy in the house went with him. It was empty even before we started packing. I decided that I would photograph certain parts of the house. I have no doubt that the entire thing will be remodeled after the new people move in...after all, not much has been changed in that house since the 60's or early 70's...not even the furniture. Here is a glimpse of the house on Harbor Dr.


Melissa said...

Love the TV and sofa shots. How sad. I'm sorry.

Tabitha W. said...

you did a beautiful job capturing the essence of the home. it is difficult stepping into a new chapter of life.

p.s. i love that black chair, send it to me please :)

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